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Humbeck Studios

Van Dyke Brown Handmade Watercolour

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One half pan of handmade watercolour, in the earth colour Van Dyke Brown.

I’m super excited to add this unique, single pigment gem to my earth colours! Van Dyke Brown is a wonderfully useful deep, dark brown that can almost look black in some light. It can also step in for a Sepia or Neutral tint or something in between. 

Most commercial paint makers create this colour using a mix of at least 2, and up to 4 different pigments. This one is made with just ONE. The old pigment used for Van Dyke brown wasn't very lightfast and has been discontinued, but this pigment is completely different. 

With a beautiful range in values, this non-staining earth colour will surprise you with its versatility. In very light washes, it creates a warm, brown-grey, but can go all the way to near black when you need it. It is easy to activate and highly pigmented. Try it in mixes! A customer favourite.

Van Dyke Brown (PBr9)
Non granulating

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