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Humbeck Studios

Watercolour Seas Undated Digital Planner

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The digital planner for artists- be inspired, plan, create, and stay organized!

Immerse yourself in the beauty of the sea with this gorgeous, art-based planner. It is filled cover to cover with rich watercolour ocean scenes to whisk you away to a place of calm and wonder! My maritime-loving heart adores it.

With this one purchase, you get both the Monday start planner and the Sunday start planner, since our calendars are different depending on where we live and what we are used to. You won't have to worry that you purchased the wrong one, I got rid of the hassle and included both. :)

Made to use on your iPad or tablet with apps like Goodnotes or Noteshelf, you can get this beautiful planner today- it's an instant download, no waiting for a delivery!

Customizable for the year or month that suits you, this undated planner can be used over and over again.

With hyperlinked tabs all down the edge, you can quickly skip to the section you need, whether it's your weekly layout, notes, financial planning, goals pages or whatever you need.

I designed this planner with the artist in mind.

You'll find several page templates that are absolutely unique for our profession (whether we are students or teachers), including a way to keep track of incoming commissions and how to get the most out of art classes and challenges.

Each divider page is filled with beautiful ocean watercolours, every one different and inspiring. In the shop, you can also find matching sticker pages and digital washi tape that I've created to compliment the planner. Instead of choosing some and including them for you, I've created a boatload (seriously, a LOT) of sticker sets that you can choose from yourself to customize it to your own tastes. The nice thing about digital stickers? You can use the same one repeatedly, if you wanted to! There's everything from cute ocean-inspired quotes to perfectly matching humpback whale washi! 

Each of these art-based digital planners are designed to work in the way that suits you best:

  • Write with your stylus (like an apple pencil). I highly recommend playing with different ink colours :) Some people use a screen protector that feels like paper, but I find that unnecessary.
  • Use the highlighter tools to make things stand out. I love how it will create a perfect box in Goodnotes if you hold on the image after you draw it. 
  • You can also type on your keyboard- this is super fun because you can have it write in a fancy font! 
  • Add stickers to dress it up or make it more functional. I'm quite partial to the graph paper sticky notes and water trackers, but the little mini calendars are hard to resist!!
  • A fantastic feature when you use your planner in Goodnotes is that it will sync with your iPhone app- need that grocery list you wrote in your planner? Aha! It's right there in your phone too! Woo!

In addition to the gorgeous divider pages, these 95 page planners include the following undated pages:

  • Yearly Overview
  • Monthly Calendars
  • Weekly Spreads
  • Weekly Meal Plan Organization
  • Daily Spreads
  • Habit Tracking
  • Health Spread
  • Monthly Budget Pages
  • Revenue Tracker
  • Expense Tracker
  • Savings Tracker
  • Goal Planners
  • Commissions Lists
  • Art Class and Challenge Pages
  • Art Inspiration Boards
  • Recipe Tracker (Make use of the new feature- add a link to your favourite recipes!)
  • Password Tracker
  • Bible Reading Tracker
  • Bible Reading Notes 
  • Home and Auto Repair 
  • Vacation Inspiration Page
  • Wants and Needs Charts
  • as well as more pages for notes and lists


*Bundle and Save*

This Planner (Both Sunday and Monday start versions) is also available in the Watercolour Seas BUNDLE, which contains every sticker pack for this set (that's almost 1000 stickers!)  Check out the Watercolour Seas Collection Bundle HERE

Please note: These planners are PDF digital downloads with hyperlinks. They have been made to use with note-making apps (such as Goodnotes). To use one of these planners, you'll need a tablet that you can write on with a stylus like the Apple pencil. The apps, the tablet and the stylus are NOT included when you purchase this digital planner.

All ready to check out? Don't forget to grab some stickers!


For help in using your digital stickers or your digital planner, please feel free to download my FREE DIGITAL PLANNING HELP GUIDE. You can find it in the Digital Planning FAQ page on my website.