Studio Helpers

tiny toy helpers include a ladybug doll, a shutter bug and a fancy bug

I've got great assistants!

Humbug has been with us the longest, she's great at product development especially regarding flower-inspired colours. She's forever flitting in and out of the studio in the nice weather and encouraging us to enjoy the garden. She also seems to enjoy writing blog posts and emails for some reason.

Micah is a debonair chap. He just can't help dressing in his best even on an average workday. He helps us find the shine in any situation. And, he's the guy to ask any hat-related questions. I can manage a beret, but that top hat is just awesome. He's always interested in any colours with a shimmer, and Gold Coin is his favourite so far.

Our camera girl is Cricket, a real shutter bug. She likes doing all of our product release shots, and she's full of ideas. I'm afraid my photos just don't measure up to hers at all. I should probably just let her do all of them from now on. 

What a great team!