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Humbeck Studios

Marmalade Handmade Watercolour, Orange

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One half pan of handmade watercolour, in the colour Marmalade.

This beauty is named for my dad, who loved his marmalade so much. He may be gone, but every taste of actual marmalade is filled right up with memories of him. (Not that I'd recommend tasting this watercolour marmalade! Please don't! LOL) To me, this colour is childhood and summer breakfasts and bursts of citrusy sunshine. Such a wonderful orange! 🍊 It glows like a fresh jar of marmalade in a sunbeam. 

I hope you like it as much as I do. Made with two transparent and vibrant pigments. One of these pigments is found nowhere else in our collection of colours and is very unique. 

Part of the Summer by the Sea collection.

Convenience Mix 
Non Granulating

Customer Reviews

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Rhonda Young

Great transparent orange. Mixes beautifully with indigo for interesting shadows.