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Humbeck Studios

Quarter Pan (1 ml) Handmade Watercolour, Various

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Snap up some quarter pans! We decided to try this size as a test run this time. What do you think? Should we make more? 

In each photo, for comparison, you'll see a half pan (our regular size) on the left, these hold 2 ml, if one measures to the rim. As you can see, we don't really do that... :) Basically we stuff as much in over and over and over until it can't hold any more! :)

On the right, there will be a quarter pan. These hold 1 ml, if you measure liquid to the rim. We fill even these little cute baby pans a few times to make sure they have the same nice top up like their bigger siblings get. So definitely more than 1 ml! 

These Quarter pans hold a few dots worth and conveniently fit in a palette or travel case. 

Quarter pans and half pans have the same size "footprint", so they take up the same amount of floor space :) in a palette, but a quarter pan is half the height of a half pan. 

Prices vary according to colour. Please see each colour variation for the price per one quarter pan in that colour. 

Customer Reviews

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Lesley Duff

Rich creamy colour!!!

Great size

These paints are so pigmented that the smaller size are great for colours you might not use frequently