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Humbeck Studios

Gray Jay Handmade Watercolour, Granulating Cool Neutral

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One half pan of handmade watercolour, in the colour Gray Jay.

Named for the beautiful Canada Jay, or ‘Gray Jay’ as it used to be called, this neutral grey mix has been highly requested and is a customer favourite! Just like the bird, it is cheerful and cheeky!

Use it as a shadow grey or to deepen the tone of other colours.

My favourite way to use Gray Jay is in a wash with lots of water so the pigments have room to separate and surprise me. You’ll notice the blue undertones with this method. Or, you can use it with very little water as a lovely blue black that stays deep and dark. Yum.

This grey is non-staining, so you can lift mistakes or highlights a bit easier.

Dual Pigment Blend