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Humbeck Studios

Terra Rosa Handmade Watercolour, Red Earth

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This blushing iron oxide is a lovely, earthy wine-red.

More rose than Caput Mortuum, and less granulating as well. I wouldn't say you need both Terra Rosa and Caput Mortuum on your palette, but depending on what you often paint as a subject, you will most likely prefer one or the other.

For example, Caput Mortuum excels where you want a heavily granulating, dark brick earth colour, which is found often in landscapes, urban sketching or animal fur. Whereas Terra Rosa, with its gentle blush, works much better for skin tones and soft effects in portraits or skies.

It goes down in beautiful, smooth washes and looks great when applied in watery washes or with more pigment.

Easy to activate and a very creamy paint.


Terra Rosa (PR101)