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Humbeck Studios

Purple Emperor Handmade Watercolour

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One half pan of handmade watercolour, in the colour Purple Emperor. 

Summer wouldn't be complete without butterflies, in my opinion. We are happy to see quite a few varieties here in Nova Scotia, but I wanted to name this special colour after a very elusive and gorgeous butterfly, of course, the Purple Emperor.

They are found in Britain and Europe, but sadly, not here in Canada. Their location aside, these amazing butterflies are gorgeous. They are big, too, with a wingspan of 3 to almost 4 inches wide. Some in the butterfly community just refer to these beauties as PE or HRH since they seem so regal and stately. :)

So here's my tribute to a gorgeous, rare and majestic fluttery beastie.

Some may mistakenly assume this Purple Emperor is a Diox. Purple, but its unique qualities will become evident when you use it in a juicy, wet wash. in addition to being extremely lightfast (unlike a diox. purple), this fellow separates and granulates into a gorgeous mix of colour.



Purple Emperor (PB29, PR122)



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Gorgeous purple!! Thank you for another amazing watercolour. It is always a pleasure to procure another Humbeck paint for my collection 💜 And Rebecca is the best!