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Humbeck Studios

Glimmer Wing Handmade Watercolour, Mica

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One half pan of handmade mica watercolour, in the colour Glimmer Wing. 

I am so impressed with this mica. It is great for adding some shimmer without overpowering the underlying colours.

My favourite way to use it is for dragonfly wings and sparkle for snow and stars, but it would work well to add something special to your lettering on a card, or some shine on a vase of flowers. A few touches to an ocean or river scene would add a surprising sparkle for the viewer! How would you use this one? I recently saw it used for shimmery fish scales. I love it's versatility! 

I like to use it as a glaze over dry layers. It allows the under layers to show through yet adds a subtle sparkle.

*Currently available in either half pans (2 ml) or quarter pans (1 ml). To purchase quarter pans, please see the quarter pan listing. Quarter pans and half pans have the same size "footprint", so they take up the same amount of floor space :) in a palette, but a quarter pan is half the height of a half pan. 

Glimmer Wing (mica)


Customer Reviews

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Joy in a watercolor pan

Want sparkles? This has sparkles- beautiful, shimmery, glittery (yet subtle) sparkles. Thank you for another beautiful paint, Humbeck Studios!

Best Watercolors

The pigmentation on Glimmer Wing is incredible and it makes a beautiful translucent glaze over other colors. I'm extremely happy with this paint. And the packaging was perfect!