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Humbeck Studios

Genuine Indigo Handmade Watercolour

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One half pan of Genuine Indigo handmade watercolour.

I gush over this colour, it’s just yummy. Made from a dye, this beauty is intense. I love its value range- as well as its layering capabilities.

Indigo has been well loved for ages and it’s easy to see why. It pairs perfectly with either Gold Coin or Gold Bar but can stand up on its own just as well. I like it for monochromatic studies and sketches.  

Tip: try it with salt! 

*Currently available in either half pans (2 ml) or quarter pans (1 ml). To purchase quarter pans, please see the quarter pan listing. 

Genuine Indigo (dye) 
Non Granulating

Customer Reviews

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Jenifer Davis
Genuine Indigo

This is a beautiful, rich color that has luscious gradients. I have been thrilled with every beautiful color I order from Humbeck. Rebecca has the magic touch!