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Humbeck Studios

Watercolour Greeting Card DIY Kit, Sunflowers and Butterflies

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This sweet little kit has just what you need for a bit of painting fun. If drawing isn't your thing, this is just the painting kit for you. When you are finished, you can send a beautiful card that you painted yourself. You'll also have plenty of paint left over, those dots last a surprisingly long time! Finish off your four lovely new hand painted cards with a wax seal on the back of each envelope. They will remember these cards! The included drawing template can be used again for your other personal painting projects. 

Your design: This cheerful garden illustration combo works well for almost any occasion. Perfect for a ‘Just Because’ card to let a friend know you’ve been thinking of them. Based on flowers in my garden and their visitors.

Your paint: The dot card of six handmade colours contains the following colours: Ultramarine, Cyan, Quinacridone Magenta, Lemon Yellow, Sugar Maple and Burnt Sienna. Specifically chosen to work together as a fantastic mixing set, each colour is a single-pigment, professional grade watercolour with no fillers or extenders to muddy up your art. You can purchase these Mixing Set Don’t Cards separately in the shop, if they are in stock. You have the option to purchase this kit without the added watercolours, if you already have plenty of paint of your own. 

Your wax seals: you will receive a mixed collection of 4 unique seals, each with a glue sticker on the back. To affix your seal to the back of your envelope, just peel off the sticker backing and press the seal onto the envelope. These stickers are of the highest quality and adhere firmly. 

Your Full DIY Kit Contains:

  • Four blank watercolour greeting cards with envelopes
  • A printable template PDF file with 2 different, hand-drawn illustrations 
  • Dot Card of six essential handmade watercolours
  • 4 handmade wax seals (with sticker backings) to finish off your beautiful hand painted greeting cards

Some DIY kits have pre-printed images for you to 'colour in', but we want you to have the freedom to choose whether you want an inked look or not. It is very easy to transfer your chosen template (again- you get to choose how many of what design) to your watercolour card. Directions for two methods to transfer it to your paper are included below. Don't forget to download your template after your purchase. Your physical items will be shipped to you.

IMPORTANT PRINTING DIRECTIONS FOR YOUR TEMPLATE: to get the best quality template, be sure to select ‘BLACK AND WHITE’ when printing, rather than a ‘COLOR’ option. This black and white option will make your template bolder and easier to see than the color option.

This painting template has been designed to be traced onto the front of your watercolour card lightly so you have a guide for your watercolour painting. You can choose which format you'd like your card to be, tall or wide. 

You can transfer your printed template to your card by either, ONE) putting it up against a bright window and tracing it directly, or TWO) rubbing the back of your printout with graphite (pencil) and then placing it on top of your watercolour paper and drawing over the lines to cause the graphite to transfer onto your watercolour paper.

You may print and use the included drawing template as many times as you want, but please note: this is for your PERSONAL use only. Do not share this template with others or sell the art you make from it. You can, of course, gift the greeting cards you make using your template!

Just want the line art? You can purchase the illustrations to download and print at home without the rest of the kit!