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Humbeck Studios

Digital Mini Checklists and Trackers - Watercolour Seas Collection

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125 high res digital stickers for your Watercolour Seas Digital Planner (or any other planner you'd like to add them to). I created this set of mini checklists and trackers as PNG files and as goodnotes digital sticker sheets. Ocean and beach scenes even in your checklists, yay!

These stickers come in several styles and colours to keep your inspired for a long time. Choose what works best for you. Have fun switching it up and trying something different, too. The darker colours work well with white ink. You can add other stickers on top of them as well.

Easy to resize and use as often as you'd like in your own planner or digital notes. In Goodnotes, you can add them to your "Elements" tab and pop them in your planner at any time, or keep them as separate sticker sheets for no-hassle organization.

What is included in this purchase?

  • A folder containing 125 PNG files with a transparent background (for use in any planner app)
  • 4 Goodnotes digital sticker sheets of the same 125 stickers, pre-cropped and ready to use in Goodnotes).


Note: You will need to purchase an annotation app from the app store such as goodnotes (around $10) to use these digital stickers and planners. You'll also need your iPad or tablet and a stylus like the apple pencil for the best journaling experience.

For help in using your digital stickers or your digital planner, please feel free to download my FREE DIGITAL PLANNING HELP GUIDE. You can find it in the Digital Planning FAQ page on my website.