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Humbeck Studios

Rose Gold Handmade Watercolour

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One half pan of handmade mica watercolour, Rose Gold.

To round out the series with Gold Coin and Denarius, we have this beauty. When the sample dots rolled out, the happy responses started rolling in! This one has been a customer favourite straight out of the gate.

Like Gold Coin and Denarius, Rose Gold can be applied in either a completely opaque layer like metallic foil, or in a shimmery, sparkly wash. For tips on using these metallic colours, please check out my instagram guide on Gold Coin. 

You can also mix Rose Gold with regular watercolours. I have seen it mixed with Allium, with Gray Jay and others! I like using it for the sentiment on handmade cards or in my bullet journal. 


Rose Gold (mica)
Metallic Watercolour