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Humbeck Studios

Tobeatic Skies Handmade Watercolour

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One half pan of blue grey handmade watercolour, Tobeatic Skies. 

This very special colour is named for the Tobeatic Wilderness Area here in Nova Scotia, the largest protected area in the maritime provinces (nearly 120,000 hectares, according to Wiki). Part of this incredible wilderness includes the beloved Kejimkujik National Park, where I spent many a summer vacation and learned about the joys of outback camping (12/10 would recommend!).

But this colour is named Tobeatic Skies, not Tobeatic Wilderness (or just Tobeatic, for that matter), why?

This entire area is a protected and recognized starlight reserve. Camping out in that wilderness has afforded me a view of the starry night sky that is unrivalled, in my book. Keji itself is also an official Dark Sky Preserve, which means a gorgeously unspoiled view of the sky: no sky glow from nearby cities, no big lights dimming your view, .... it's an awe-inspiring camping experience. 

This sweet, dusky blue grey has a hint of stars sprinkled in with some silvery shimmer, and it granulates and separates beautifully when used in big wet washes. You can see some of the versatility of this colour in the little mountain scene, all done with just one colour.

My little nod to a favourite spot on our lovely and incredible planet. 


Tobeatic Skies (convenience mix with shimmer)