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Humbeck Studios

Buff Titanium Handmade Watercolour

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One half pan of handmade watercolour, in the colour Buff Titanium.

Technically a white pigment, but actually more cream coloured, Buff Titanium is an interesting addition to a nature studies palette. I love it for mushrooms, wood and seashells. Some recent suggestions from other artists say it’s wonderful for sand and rocks as well as birch bark. I suggest trying it in light washes. The light granulation adds some texture interest as well.

In the pan, this is the driest of all my watercolours, but it remains extremely easy to activate and goes on so creamy that I haven’t changed the recipe to make its appearance nicer in the pan. If unused for a long time it can shrink, but it is so heavily pigmented, the richness will still be obvious. My main concern is always how it behaves on paper, as I say for every colour.

Single Pigment (PW6)