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Humbeck Studios

Allium Handmade Watercolour, Red Purple

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One half pan of handmade watercolour, in the colour Allium.

I enjoy gardening very much, and have too many ‘favourite flowers’ to even count... but one variety is the beautiful Ornamental Onion, or Allium. They grow like big purple lollipops! When I swatched this colour after mulling it the first time, that’s all I could think of- that wonderful ball of purple!!

Allium is gorgeous. It has an excellent lightfast rating and granulates beautifully. It is, once again, a single-pigment colour, so it will keep your mixes clean and vibrant. I’ve included a comparison picture with both Allium (left) and Ultramarine Violet (right) so you can see the colour difference with these two purple colours. Allium leans more towards red than Ultramarine Violet.

Single Pigment (PV16)
Heavily Granulating