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Humbeck Studios

Storm Waters Handmade Watercolour

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The Atlantic Ocean has many faces. Some days it can be as calm as you can imagine, with hardly a ripple. Most days, though, the waves are tossing and splashing about, with white caps giving the signal for those really blustery days. There is a certain colour I've often noticed, when the sea is turbulent and the waters are especially boisterous, a greenish, grey blue that I've come to love. This colour was born from my love of those big and daring waves, from the amazing power that is the sea.

I hope it finds a special place in your heart, for it certainly has in mine.

It's a granulating and separating beauty that I find quite adaptive to my seascapes, whether in sky or sea. Use it in wet washes to see the full effects.


Storm Waters (convenience mix)



Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Vanessa Bisceglia
Storm water

I’m in love with blues and this one is perfect for so many of my paintings

Nadea Corkum Cheung
Storm Waters

This is a fantastic granulation color. I'm a very satisfied customer.

Kim MacKenzie
Hand made watercolour paint

Amazing colour and pigment. Will not be going back to other store bought paint.

Betty Schulz
Storm Waters

Beautifully pigmented blue, perfect for winter scenery or an icy lake.

Kathy Mclachlin
Paint review

Beautiful rich colour that glides on the page ! Absolutely gorgeous !