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Humbeck Studios

Quinacridone Magenta Handmade Watercolour

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One half pan of handmade watercolour, Quinacridone Magenta.

One of the three primary colours, magenta is one that is often missing in paint sets. Now that I’ve mulled my own, I know why! Magenta is both a very difficult pigment to mull, and an expensive one. However, I feel no basic set is complete without a good primary magenta, so I am very happy to have this one available for you, even if it takes a lot of hard work!

Magenta is essential for good pinks and vibrant purples. I do love a good red, but a light red isn't pink, it's light red! :)

This is a single-pigment, transparent colour that is rich and bold. I wouldn't like to be without it, but  only need a touch of the wet brush most of the time. 


Quinacridone Magenta (PR122)