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Humbeck Studios

Miniature Leather Journal Pendant

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Journal Style

For those sketchbook and journal lovers and for the miniaturists among us! These adorable little leather journals are actually books and can be opened for extra tiny notes! My favourite way to use these is with the little chain and clasp. You can use them for an adorable key chain or for a pendant actually on your favourite sketchbook or journal! Or, you can choose to make your pendant into a necklace, or make a collection on a necklace! If you wrap the necklace cord around your wrist twice...ta da! A bracelet! :) 

**All completely unique!**

Each one comes with it's own teensy tiny pendant, from hearts to starfish. Squeee !

What will you do with your tiny book treasure? 

Please note: 

These babies are truly tiny!

Journal measurements: approximately 2 cm x 1.5 cm x 1 cm wide

These mini journal pendants do not have watercolour paper, otherwise they could only hold a few pages since that paper is so thick. 

Don't forget to choose your chain or cord option:

Option A) With Chain and clasp: 6 cm length

Option B) With Necklace cord: 49 cm length

Customer Reviews

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Jasmin Morgan
Functional, tiny, handmade

This tiny handmade pendant journal is by far the smallest journal I own! It is so carefully bound and all details are accounted for! The love that went into this product is evident in its functionality, uniqueness and detail!