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Humbeck Studios

Indanthrone Blue Handmade Watercolour

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A deep, rich PB60 is difficult to do without as a watercolour artist.

This colour has an incredible range in values that I just love. It creates the most beautiful dark night skies that you can imagine. It's extremely pigmented, a little will go a long way. I just love how rich and velvety it is, it feels very decadent!

PB60 is a very expensive pigment to work with, but it's so worth it. An excellent colour for mixing, it can darken greens beautifully or make the most lovely indigo washes you've seen. Try pairing it with a little Gray Jay for a stunning mix.

As a staining colour, it works well for under layers that you want to stay put. I'm glad I didn't give up on it, it was a tricky one to get just right. But now, it's finally ready, hurray! :) 


Indanthrone Blue (PB60)