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Humbeck Studios

Denarius Handmade Watercolour- Silver Coin

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One half pan of handmade mica watercolour, Denarius.

The perfect companion to Gold Coin, Denarius is the long-awaited silver version.

The name comes from the Roman silver coin that was common currency for a day's wage in Jesus' day. When you see how the colour dries, especially when poured as a paint dot, you'll see what I mean! It has all the colour and texture of an old silver coin, I just couldn't resist.

Like Gold Coin, Denarius can be applied in either a completely opaque layer like silver foil, or in a shimmery, sparkly wash. For tips on using either of these colours, please check out my instagram guide on Gold Coin. 

You can also mix Denarius with regular watercolours. Try adding it to a deep Ultramarine / Gray Jay sky for some sparkly stars or capture the flash of lightning. Perfect for catching the shimmer in mother-of-pearl or gemstones, you'll find Denarius is a fun colour to have around.


Denarius (mica)
Metallic Watercolour