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Humbeck Studios

The Hummingbird Collection, A Trio of Shimmers

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Anniversary sale price: 20% off! ONLY 1 SET LEFT!

Special release: the hummingbird collection is a set of three half pans. 

This set of three beautiful, handmade mica watercolours have been created to showcase the beauty of some of our favourite garden visitors: the delightful hummingbirds. Our summers here on the east coast would not be complete without the sights and sounds of lots and lots of scrappy little hummingbirds zipping around. They never fail to bring us delight, it seemed only fitting to share a little our love for them this way. While we only have one variety of hummingbird here in the Maritimes, I love learning about the many different hummers, and have named my colours after 3 beautiful birds. 

It is with great pleasure that I introduce to you: 

Costa’s, Berylline, and Calliope.

I have chosen to make these shimmering colours, or micas, since they are named after those little flying jewels, and it seemed appropriate. :)

Each one in this collection can be used alone or mixed with other paints. For a fun touch, try adding Calliope to sunsets or you could use it to give your pink blooms a special sparkle around the edges of petals. Berylline and Costa’s work well on butterflies, birds, and beetles! You can even jazz up a floral bouquet with some shimmering leaves in the mix. What will you do with this set? 

⭐️ For this special anniversary release, each set will come with a gift: one ready-to-paint hummingbird on 100% cotton (140lb) cold-pressed watercolour paper! Your little hummer is in waterproof ink, so you can paint right over the line work. Happy painting!! ⭐️