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Humbeck Studios

Black Bear Handmade Watercolour, Granulating Single Pigment

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One half pan of handmade watercolour, in the colour Black Bear.

For an amazing granulation experience, Black Bear is a must! You can use it to paint completely black, fully opaque watercolour, but where it really shines is when it is laid down in a more watery wash. The granulation is extreme. It fills my head with all sort of ideas for animal skins and such! It easily adds texture even when painting on very smooth watercolour paper.

Try using it to deepen a tone or value of other colours. It also works well in toned watercolour sketchbooks (a great tool for inktober!). I use it for all of the black date bubbles in my bullet journal (with a white gel pen on top once the paint is dry. Easy!).

Single Pigment (PBk11)
HEAVILY Granulating
Opaque to Semi-opaque