Lessons from Lockdown (and some New Things)

Lessons from Lockdown (and some New Things)

Hey there!

What a fun month of May we had together with our paint challenge!

I was so amazed by the positive support and great feedback received all through the month. Wow. You guys are great! I really appreciate the kind comments and encouragement on one another's posts. That really helps everyone to feel safe to post their art.

Well done, everyone!!

As you are well aware, I'm busy mulling fresh paint to restock for the next shop update! And no, this newsletter won't contain the date and time for the next launch- because even I don't know exactly when it will be yet. I do have a goal date, but watercolour making doesn't always go as planned. Plus, there is life's little way of tossing a wrench (or a spanner!) into the works every so often. But, I assure you, it's in progress! :)


Lessons from Lockdown (and some New Things)

I like technology. I like my refrigerator and my wifi and being able to have zoom chats with our friends halfway around the world. But one thing that seems to get sacrificed in this high-tech age is taking the time to slow down and enjoy what we are doing. I think that's why we all enjoy watercolours. It helps us check out for a while and slow down.

During lockdown, some friends and I got back into writing letters. Not emails, not text message, half-word replies, but actual, sit down, write with a pen in hand, letters. And the delight I found in this slower form of correspondence made me wonder why I didn't do it more often. I know why, but some things shouldn't be sacrificed for the sake of speed.

In between mullings (I don't think that's a word... yet! lol), I've been tinkering with some fun watercolour card sets that come with wax seals. While the sets in their entirety aren't listed yet, I wanted to bring you some of the seal collections to add to your own beautiful handmade watercolour cards, or even just to dress up an envelope for your next hand-written letter.

Individually Created Collections

 Beautiful, handmade wax seals, each one slowly spoon-melted over a beeswax candle and created to be unique. Each collection has only one set available- the photos you see are the actual seals you will receive. Wax is a bit like watercolour with unpredictable results, which means even if I wanted to, I couldn't recreate a seal exactly.

My seals are certainly not machine made and they're not even made with the glue-gun method, which is a fast way to pump out a lot of seals that look the same. Each one of my seals is created to be unique. They are not perfectly round, they have character and the beauty of a slower time when more things were handmade.

Here's a peek at a few of the collections:


Would you like to see the rest of the collections?

With only 15 individually crafted sets currently available, these won't last too long! Hop on over to the website to pick up some today!

Shop Handmade Wax Seal Collection

How do they stick?

Each wax seal comes with a strong glue sticker on the back. To affix a seal to your envelope, simply peel off the sticker backing and press the wax seal onto your envelope. You could also add a wax seal to a page in your journal or to a gift tag.

Well, I'm off to mull some more paint! Maybe get in a bit of sketching too. Thanks for reading!

Take care!!

~Rebecca :)