Looking Forward to January's Launch!

Looking Forward to January's Launch!

Humbug here. 

Humbeck is running around like there's a wasp after her. I've never seen her so busy! I can't wait until we get back to our regular studio schedule of making watercolours. This computer work is beyond boring to watch, I tell you!

There are moments of entertainment, I admit. We all got quite hopeful when she threatened her boring laptop with some sort of horrible death, but it never occurred, so it was a bit of a disappointment. Cricket had her camera ready and everything.

But, right now she's gone to make more tea. I think she should be tea-coloured by now, she drinks so much of it. While she's occupied, I thought I'd slip in and tell you a bit about our new colours being released in January 2022!

I've learned a lot about pigments since I started spending more time inside. Strangely, there are no pigs involved at all. Or mints. 

I've heard that lots of people are asking if the beautiful Gold Coin will be available in January, and the good news is that it will be! Micah is thrilled. It's definitely his favourite. 

I'm quite partial to one of the new colours, myself. Have you heard of Damson Plum? Well. It's awesome. I've been doing a fair bit of experimenting with it in my sketchbook. I think it's just perfect for flowers!

I've got to run. The tea-drinker returns... 

 Ladybug toy doll standing in a garden